Google just released the new Nexus 4 smartphone at the end of October, this is an striking Android phone which is built around Qualcomm’s speedy 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdradon S4 Pro SoC with Adreno 320 graphics and 2GB of RAM. Storage comes in 8GB and 16GB flavors with no microSD expansion. It features the same lovely 4.7-inch 1280×768-pixel non-PenTile IPS display, so it’s great for us to play iTunes movies or music on Nexus 4 on the go.

 iTunes music to Nexus 4

Some users asked in the forum that they want to transfer iTunes music to Nexus 4 for playback, but they got problems to playback. The reason is that the iTunes music is in M4A format, Nexus 4 can’t play M4A format directly, you will need to convert iTunes M4A music to Nexus 4 compatible format like MP3 for playback. Here you can try Media Converter, which can convert M4A to MP3 for Nexus 4 playback. It’s an all in one converter that can convert any protected and unprotected videos and audio. For example, iTunes movies, Amazon movies, Digital Copy movies are all DRM protected, you can’t play them on unauthorized devices, such as android smartphone and tablet, with Media Converter, you can remove DRM protection and convert iTunes music, movies and other videos to Nexus 4 for play freely.

Nexus 10 iTunes movies converter

You can follow the easy steps below to convert iTunes music to Nexus 4 for playback.

1. Please install Media Converter, this software can help you convert protected and unprotected video and audio to Nexus 4 or any devices.

2. Import your iTunes music to the software, and then choose MP3 format for output. If you need to convert iTunes movies to Nexus 4, you just need to choose corresponding video format, like MP4.

 iTunes music to Nexus 4 converter profile

3. You can click settings button to do some adjustment.

 iTunes music to Nexus 4 converter settings

4. Click convert button to start the iTunes music to Nexus 4 MP3 conversion.

After converting iTunes songs to Nexus 4 MP3 format, you just need to transfer converted music files to Nexus 4 via USB wire, and then you can play iTunes songs on Nexus 4 without the format limitation. The steps are the same if you need to convert DRM protected movies like iTunes movies, Amazon Instant Videos and other movies you purchased. What’s more, this iTunes to Nexus 4 converter supports NVIDIA CUDA acceleration, so it will save you much time. Now please have a try, this software will help you to solve your problems.