“What is Google Nexus 4 supported video format? I have just received my new smartphone Nexus 4, I have many videos and movies in different video formats, now I want to put videos on Nexus 4 for watching, I want to know what’s the Nexus 4 supported video foramts. For unsupported videos, can you recommend a converter that can convert  foramt  to Nexus 4 best video foramt ? I have some videos from iTunes store, Amazon Instant Video and Blockbuster, it is said that these videos are DRM protected, please help me.”

Nexus 4 Video Format

You may have the application need the same as showed above, to better enjoy movies on Nexus 4, it is good to know the Nexus 4 specs, such as Nexus 4 supported formats. The video formats supported by Nexus 4 are showed below.

Nexus 4 supported formats: AVI, h.264 / AVC, MPEG-4

Nexus 4 not supported formats: MKV, WMV, FLV, MOV, AVCHD, MTS, DRM Video, iTunes movie, Amazon movie, etc.

Nexus 4 screen resolution:1280*768

As showed above, Nexus 4 supported video formats are limited, many videos can not be played on Nexus 4 due to the different codecs and formats. In this case, You will need to convert unsupported videos to Nexus 4 compatible formats for playback. Here you can try Media Converter, this excellent software will help you convert videos between any formats, such as convert MKV to Nexus 4 MP4, convert WMV to Nexus 4 MP4, etc. It can also convert your purchased movies, such as iTunes movies, Blockbuster movies, and Amazon movies, though they are DRM protected, you can convert them for any devices with this best Nexus 4 video converter.

Now follow the easy steps below to convert videos to Nexus 4 best video format.

1. Install and run this Nexus 4 Media Converter, this is best Nexus 4 video converter, which can convert common videos and DRM protected videos. It can convert videos for your Nexus 4 or other portable devices at a fast speed with the NVIDIA CUDA acceleration.

Nexus 4 Video Converter

2. Import the videos to the software. And then choose the output format, you can choose Common Video -> MP4 Video (AVC), this format is Nexus 4 best supported video format, as well as other devices, like iPad, Nexus 7/10, Kindle Fire, etc.

Nexus 4 MP4

3. After choosing the format, you can click settings button to adjust the output video’s parameters, for better playback effect on Nexus 4, you can change the resolution to 1280*720, it is 720p resolution. Bitrate is the parameter that control the video quality, higher the bitrate, you can get higher video quality, set it as 2000 kbps is appropriate.

Nexus 4 Video Converter Settings

4. Now just click convert button on the main interface to start the Nexus 4 video transcode process.

When the conversion is finished, just copy converted videos to Nexus 4 via USB wire, and then you can watch movies on Nexus 4 with best format and no problems. Now please take a try, hope it can solve your problems and save you time, just to enjoy HD movies on Nexus 4 as you want.