The Nexus 4 has been released recently and it has attracted great attention without doubt. Google and LG have created one of the best Android smartphones yet, and have made it available at the incredibly low price of $299 without a contract. The Nexus 4 has a bright, high-resolution 4.7-inch display, the latest version of Android, a fast quad-core processor, wireless charging, a good camera, and NFC for mobile payments and other close-up data-transfer functions. It’s just so fast, so smooth, and the software is great. At times it feels like things open faster that you even think them.

The big screen can shock viewer’s eyes when you watch HD videos on Nexus 4. In addition, the Nexus 4 is quite portable. It is a good choice for you to kill time when you commute. While as time goes by, a problem maybe appears – you have many MKV movies, but you cannot play MKV on Nexus 4. From Nexus 4 official website we know that Nexus 4 can’t play MKV video directly, it only supports MP4 format well. How to convert MKV video to MP4 for Nexus 4? You need a Nexus 4 MKV converter, and then you can watch MKV videos on Nexus 4. Here are some tips for you when you want to convert MKV videos to Nexus 4.

1. Download Nexus 4 MKV Converter
It’s an excellent software which can convert MKV to Nexus 4 MP4 format. More output formats are available, like AVI, MKV, and FLV, etc. It can also convert any protected and unprotected videos, such as DRM protected iTunes movies.

2. Load MKV video to this best Nexus 4  MKV Converter.
The Video Converter for Nexus 4 supports loading MKV in flexible methods. It can convert many formats as well.

3. Click the profile column and choose Common Video -> MP4 Video (AVC) for output, it’s the best Nexus 4 video format.

Nexus 4 MKV Converter MP4

4. You can click settings to adjust the output parameters as you want. The video bitrate affects videos’ quality and volume. If you want better quality please improve the video bitrate.

Nexus 4 MKV Converter Settings

5. Click convert button to start. The Nexus 4 Converter will convert MKV for you with the best quality.

At last, I think you will watch MKV on Nexus 4 successfully with the help of the Nexus 4 MKV Converter. So just have fun!