Nexus 4 is an excellent smartphone, it’s a truly exemplary piece of hardware that showcases the best of what Google can offer in a smartphone when crufty user interface skins from hardware makers and bloatware from carriers are cut out of the equation.

Neuxs 4 HD Video

The Nexus 4 can give you more space for your media and apps. It’s great for you to watch downloaded movies on Nexus 4. But you may encounter some problems when you watch MTS and FLV videos on Nexus 4, because the MTS and FLV format is supported by Nexus 4. In order to play MTS and FLV movies on Nexus 4, you need to convert MTS and FLV to Nexus 4 MP4 format. Below are some tips for you and you will know how to play MTS and FLV on Nexus 4.

1. Download Nexus 4 Media Converter for Windows (or Mac Video Converter).

This software will help you to convert MTS/FLV to Nexus 4. What’s more, Nexus 4 video converter can convert any protected and unprotected videos, such as DRM protected iTunes movies.

Nexus 4 MTS/FLV Converter

2. Install and launch the video converter for Nexus 4. Then import the MTS and FLV videos which you want to convert.

3. Click profile column to choose the best Nexus 4 video format for output. You can click and choose Common Video -> MP4 Video (AVC). This format is perfectly supported by nearly all tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Nexus 4 MTS/FLV Converter Profile

4. You can click settings to adjust the output video’s parameters as you want. You can set the resolution as 1280*720, and then you can watch 720P movies on Nexus 4. You can also adjust the bitrate as 2000 kbps. Higher bitrate parameter means higher video quality but it also requires higher hardware support, and vice versa.

Nexus 4 MTS/FLV Converter Settings

5. Click convert to start. You can convert MTS/FLV for Nexus 4 in a short time because the Nexus 4 video converter perfectly supports NVIDIA CUDA acceleration.

Now, you can try MTS/FLV to Nexus 4 converter, you will never have MTS/FLV video playback problems anymore.